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The Orsoni Prize, 2007 International Award for Mosaic Fine Art
Orsoni Grand Prize Winner - Kim Schonfeld - USA

Kim Schonfeld mosaic detail

Ms. Schonfeld was the recipient of Euro 1,000, a round trip ticket to Venice to attend a one-week Master in Mosaic course, accommodation at Domus Orsoni, a three-month exhibit of Reminiscence and artist reception at the Orsoni gallery.

In this first year of the Orsoni Prize, 61 artists participated from 15 countries, submitting 95 works of mosaic art.

According to Lucio Orsoni,

"the Orsoni Prize is the culmination of my dream to teach students at the Master in Mosaic and immerse them in a total artisan experience at Domus Orsoni. The topicality of artistic expression, uniqueness of 3 dimensional creations and freshness of new ideas demonstrate to me that mosaics have reached a new level of fine art. To be able to acknowledge this achievement through the Orsoni Prize has endowed my life with great satisfaction".

Honorable Mention

honorable mention- Richard François - Belgium

Richard François mosaic detail

Orsoni and Bisazza also acknowledged Richard François’ (Belgium) with an Honorable Mention for The Next Moment. His magical combination of flat surfaces in an unexpected wave, felt to them as under the effect of a sudden rush of wind.


Finalist - Lynne Chinn - USA

Lynne Chinn mosaic detail

Additionally three artists were given special recognition as Finalists for their fine mosaic technique and originality of expression - Lynne Chinn (USA) for Winged Geode (above),

Finalist - Toyoharu Kii - Japan

Toyoharu Kii mosaic detail

Toyoharu Kii (Japan) for Grass Wind Light (above)

Finalist - Eric Cros - France

Eric Cros mosaic detail

and Eric Cros (France) for The Butterfly Effect. (above)

To see all mosaic fine art entries click artist's initial below:

Orsoni Smalti Veneziani has been producing Venetian smalti and 24 k gold mosaic since 1888. The Orsoni Prize was created to honor contemporary mosaic fine art. Maestro Lucio Orsoni, great grandson of the Orsoni founder and current Honorary President of Angelo Orsoni and Pino Bisazza, the founder and President of Trend Group and premier art collector judged the competition.

Grand  Prize - Awarded to Kim Schonfeld

Euro 1,000

A round trip (economy) ticket to Venice, Italy

to attend the Orsoni Master in Mosaic (one week class)
between Oct 2007-October 2008.

6 nights at Domus Orsoni

3 month exhibition of the award winning mosaic at the mosaic gallery of Angelo Orsoni in Venice, Italy

Artist reception while they are in Venice attending the class

Commemorative glass and 24 k gold  bowl hand crafted by Maestro Stefano Giambino

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