"the mosaicist's chief medium is light"...
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Early writers give us a clear picture of the role of mosaic on buildings. The architectural writers and critics of the first and second centuries, such as Athenaeus, Faventinus, Pliny the Younger, Seneca, Suetonius, Vitruvius, tell us of their experiences.

San Marco Basilica - facade mosaics - Venice

Church of the Hagia Sophia interior mosaics - Constantinople

Galla Placida mausoleum interior mosaics - Ravenna

San Marco - interior gold mosaic
San Marco Basilica interior mosaics - Venice

Lilian Broca

Queen Esther and Queen Esther Holding The Evidence For Haman's Guilt mosaics

Queen Esther - sketch and watercolor

Queen Esther's Banquet - ironwork mosaic detail

Queen Esther's Banquet - ironwork mosaic detail

Queen Esther's Banquet - mosaic in progress

Queen Esther's Banquet - complete mosaic

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